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Mini Readings

£9.99 €10.99

A Mini Reading is perfect for any burning questions you might have. This option allows you to ask my readers 1 question be it; love, career, a general reading or past, present, and future. As always, my readers use a combination of Tarot, Psychic ability, and Mediumship to give you the answers you need. What are you waiting for?

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Premium reading

£54.00 €64.99

Our premium reading is our most in-depth, and detailed reading option; perfect for a deeper insight into your life and current situations. You can ask up to five different questions within this reading, and really unlock insight into each area of your life. Our amazing readers will use a mixture of mediumship, tarot, and psychic abilities to link in with your energy, and provide you with a genuine and unique reading. Please include a recent head and shoulder photo of yourself for a deeper connection. If you are looking for a message from a loved one in Spirit, then a photo of this person can also be helpful for the reader.

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Love reading

£35.00 €39.99

This reading looks at all matters of the heart, whether you are searching for your soulmate or looking for ways to enhance your current relationship this reading will give you deeper insight into this specific area of your life. We use Tarot, Psychic ability and sometimes Crystals too to help reveal messages from your Spirit Guides. Please include a recent head and shoulders photo of yourself and also a partner if your questions relate to a current or recent relationship.

2 Questions - A love reading will give you two questions to ask. Our talented psychics will respond with a detailed reading, offering answers and guidance about your love life.

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Messages from heaven

£35.00 €39.99

Using gifts bestowed on my highly gifted team of Mediums this reading looks to bring you messages from your loved ones. Please note that a photograph of the person you would most love to connect to is very helpful in giving you the best connection and reading, if no photo is available then please include a recent head and shoulders photo of yourself.

2 Questions – You will be able to ask two questions for this reading. Our gifted Mediums will provide you with an in-depth reading, connecting you with your loved ones in heaven.

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Future Reading

£25.00 €29.99

With a future reading, our readers will use their powers of intuition, along with crystals and tarot cards to foresee future events in your life. Whether you wish to know about your career, family, or love life, the reader will dive deep into your situation and provide you with snippets and revelations of what may be on your path. If you are feeling a little lost and unsure of how to move forward, our readers will use their knowledge and experience to offer you helpful guidance and advice on how to reshape your future, and set you in the right direction. You can ask one question with this type of reading. Please include a recent head and shoulder photo of yourself for a deeper connection.

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