About John Spratt

John is a Psychic Medium and is internationally recognised giving you guidance, clarity and connecting you to your loved ones in spirit. John passes on their messages of love, proving to you that life does go on after the physical life.

John has been working as a medium from the age of 19 travelling the UK and abroad performing in some of the worlds most beautiful theatres and large venues.

John is known for saying things as they come and not holding back. His readings give great comfort to those he reads for, including many celebrity clients.
John Spratt
John helps those that feel paranormal issues are taking over their lives.
John works closely with his spirit guide called Gerard who is an alcoholic Indian.
John is a Reiki master teacher & an animal Reiki master. He can connect with animals as well as humans.
Date of Birth: 9th April 1983.
Place of Birth: Dundee, Scotland.
John Pets: 4 Snakes, 2 Dogs, a Cat & a Tarantula.
John is a spiritual reverend that can perform weddings, funerals & naming ceremonies.
John lives with his wife & two handsome sons .
John absolutely loves theme parks.
John does around 10 private sittings a week in his own home and homes of his clients.
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