What Is A Near Death Experience?

Let’s hope you don’t ever experience one, but a large majority of people have or will. A near death experience is commonly defined as when a seriously sick or injured individual encounters events that may seem utterly impossible or unexplainable. Some people view them as supernatural experiences.

Near death experiences may not be referred to as that exact term as many people have used other phrases to describe them such as, “I saw this bright light”, “I saw Heaven”, or “my life flashed before my eyes”.

These experiences have been happening from the beginning of time and there isn’t one definite explanation. People have wondered for years if near death experiences are spiritual experiences, changes in brain chemistry, dreams, hallucinations, after life glimpses and so forth, and even after years of research there aren’t any answers to this unexplained phenomenon.

Many people believe it is a sign of life after death and that we are given a short viewing before returning back to our physical bodies. Others believe it is a result from mental or physical complications, or possibly drug interactions. The beliefs behind near death experiences are many and for now, we’ll just have to keep educating ourselves as we go. There are some ways you can identify if you have had this type of experience, which may provide you with further understanding of this mysterious occurrence.

Bright Intense Light Fills The Room

Many people have reported a near death experience when they have witnessed a high intensity bright light fill their room. They may have been seriously ill in the hospital or just lying at home in bed when experiencing this pure light. It is not known to be a painful light, and many believe this is God or Heaven reaching out for them.

Looking In From The Outside

Many people have mentioned that they feel as though they were watching the world from another place. Some say they were watching from the ceiling, or having an ‘out of body’ experience where they were disconnected from their physical body and floating above.

Lights And Tunnels

A large portion of near death experience stories entail details of a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Some have described meeting spiritual beings along the way as they made their way towards the light.

Flashes Of Your Life

This is when you see the story of your life in review. Have you ever heard someone say, “I saw my whole life pass before my eyes”. While many use this phrase for common chit chat, when someone has experienced a near death experience, they really see their life on a time line.

A near death experience is not something to be afraid of. If you ever experience one, you would know it, and usually many come away from them with new hope in their hearts. Most have made drastic changes to their lives after experiencing this type of event and now live their lives wholeheartedly every single day.

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