What are Spirit Guides?

Have you ever wondered if you have a spirit guide? Ever questioned the idea that there might be someone or something watching over you and guiding you through life? Spirit guides are believed to be an entity that watches over us and some of us have many instead of just one. It is believed we have a “primary” spirit guide that is there guiding you ahead of the rest.

Spirit guides are known to be beings that have made a decision to watch over and guide someone on the earth plane as opposed to the astral plane. People believe that we actually make an agreement with a spirit guide before we enter our physical bodies for our term of life on earth.

Many of the spirit guides are also beings that once roamed the earth’s plane. They have experienced many of the same situations as we humans have. Spirit guides can be anywhere and some people believe they can even enter the physical body to help out in certain situations when a major accident might happen. Ever been stopped by a stranger before absentmindedly crossing a busy intersection? Has someone ever alerted you that there was danger ahead and stopped you in your tracks before it was too late?

Many people believe that these are our spirit guides working through others on earth in the physical form. While it may be hard to believe and some may ask, “Well why don’t our spirit guides prevent all accidents, deaths and pain?” There is a reason behind it all and there is a plan for everyone’s existence on earth. Some people are meant to remain longer on earth while some others are needed elsewhere and in the afterlife.

Spirit guides are thought to be “old souls” and more evolved than the rest of us and this is why they are there to guide us through this roller coaster called life. They most likely have lived on the earth numerous times and know how to guide those on earth that feel lost and without purpose. They want to share their knowledge with people who truly need the guidance. While you may not see your spirit guide, it’s there whispering messages to you to keep you working towards a quality life experience.

Are Spirit Guides the Same as Angels?

Angels and spirits do have their differences, but both of them have similar duties with regards to watching over us. Angels, also referred to as guardian angels, are believed to watch over us, stay near us at all times and assist in emergencies even when we do not ask for help. Spirit guides are more like guidance counselors and will help push you in the right direction with specific moments in your lifetime that need tending to.

It is believed that spirit guides have lived upon the earth many times, hence their extensive knowledge of life, while angels are believed to have evolved in another dimension or on another plane. Both spirit guides and angels have been known to show themselves in the human physical form at times so they can do their duties as a guide and savior.

A Final Thought

This is just a basic overview of what a spirit guide is. There is much to explore if you have an open mind. Many people go through life without ever acknowledging the fact that they may in fact have one or two spirit guides watching over them at all times. On the other hand, many find comfort in knowing that a knowledgeable caring being is taking care of them or guiding them in the right direction. What do you believe?

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