The Moon & You

In Western astrology, the Sun sign rules the astrological chart and explains the personality traits that we share with the world. The sun sign is the main force behind many of our characteristics from temperament and ambition to our outlook on life.

While a sun sign gives you a good overview of who you are and what drives you, it doesn’t give the full picture. A complete astrological chart also accounts for the placement of the other planets of your birth, as well as the moon. If your sun sign represents how you shine your light into the world, then your moon sign is a reflection of your inner self.

On the one hand, the Sun relates to masculine energy and the Moon relates to feminine energy. This association doesn’t mean that only women have a moon sign, it means that your moon sign gives great insight into your private self, your intuition and emotional self. It can be a reflection of the emotions that guide you and how you react to the world around you—even if you aren’t acutely aware of it.

It’s important to understand that your moon sign is not necessarily the same as your sun sign. However, if your sun sign and the moon sign are the same, it may indicate amplified traits of the zodiac sign rule your life. If they are different, you may find that the shared characteristics between the two help you take on the challenges of life whereas the differences create a sense of unease.

Since the Moon moves through the signs of the zodiac faster than the sun, it’s harder to calculate your moon sign. You must know the time and place of your birth, not just the date. Whether you work with a trusted astrologer to calculate a comprehensive natal chart or use an online calculator to determine your moon sign, knowing your Moon sign can help you understand the more mysterious parts of your spirit, including:

Your First Reactions

Your initial reaction is often guided by your moon sign and is a reflection of your inner emotional state. Your moon sign is exposed in this first moment before you have a chance to edit your primal reaction. This initial reaction may happen so quickly that you are barely aware that it is a part of you. Take particular note of your gut reaction in times of high emotion and see how it responds to the characteristics of your moon sign.

Your Romantic Relationships

Do you crave comfort and stability or do you need passion and drama to keep you interested? Your moon sign reveals much about what you need out of a romantic relationship and can help you gain clarity on what you need to find happiness in love. It can also lead you to a deeper understanding of your passions and what brings you pleasure.

Your Reaction to Stress

How do you react when life gets complicated? When you let become overwhelmed by stress and let your guard down, this is the time that your moon sign makes itself known. Whether you react with anger and fury or cold pragmatism, your intuitive moon sign often guides these reactions.

Don’t be afraid to delve deeper into the world of astrology by learning about your moon sign—you never know what you can learn about yourself.

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