Text Message Readings

Why not use my amazing text service to get your reading personally replied to by myself and my gifted team.

Text “SPRATT” + “Your Question”
Send It To
UK 85358 Ireland 57080

Messages are charged at £1 per message received, with a max of 3 replies (£3). You will be charged £1 every 160 characters you receive (160 characters = 1 message). Messages sent to 85358 are charged at standard network rate. You must use the keyword SPRATT at the start of your message. The service is for 18+ and for entertainment only. No questions on health, pregnancy, legal or finances due to regulations You may receive promotion texts to stop reply JSSTOP Helpline (+44) 0330 123 2026

FAQ In regards to text service

Q – I haven’t got a reply?
A – Please make sure that you have enough credit loaded on to your phone, that you have phone signal, that you have room on your phone to receive the messages. You may be blocked from using premium SMS services and this may require you to call your provider and ask for the block to be removed. If you need help call my customer care line.

Q – How long till I get a reply?
A – Responses will arrive to your handset usually within 20 minutes. Please note that in peak times, this may be a little longer. I use genuine psychic mediums who connect to every message giving you the best reading possible.

Q – How much does it cost?
A – We always try and give the best readings possible, so this may mean up to 3 message responses per question you ask us. A message response is charged at £1.00 (160 characters = 1 message), max 3 replies. Please remember that this is a premium SMS service, so the charges will not be included in your Phone Network bundle. You must be over 18 and have the bill payers permission.

Q – Is there things I can’t ask?
A – Yes, we cannot answer any questions on health, pregnancy or finance – So don’t ask us for this week’s lottery numbers!

Q – Is it a subscription?
A – No, you are only charged by me when you get a reply to your text. We will never charge you unless you ask a question.

Q – Do in need to put SPRATT first?
A – Yes, if you don’t put the keyword at the very start of your text message it will not come through to John or his trusted team.

Hope this has answered some questions some of you have.