A Paranormal Investigator

Thanks to many popular movies and TV shows, the profession of paranormal investigator has become more mainstream than ever before. Once you add in the bounty of online resources and forums, it’s quite easy for an amateur ghost hunter to try and take their paranormal investigation to the next level.

However, binge watching your favorite ghost hunter shows won’t fully prepare you to go out on an investigation of your own. Those shows are carefully edited to keep you entertained, not to showcase the hours of work, preparation and boredom that goes into a full investigation. With a little research and insights into the secrets of a paranormal investigation, you’ll be ready to launch your own investigation.
Research, Research, Research

Much of the behind-the-scenes work of a paranormal investigation is research, so get friendly with your local librarian and put your Google skills to the test. Not only will you need to learn about different types of ghosts and spirits, you’ll also need to look into equipment and the history behind the haunted location of your choice. Once you decide where the investigation will take place, you’ll need to do research on who owns the property and whether or not you can get permission to conduct an investigation.
Equip Yourself

There’s a reason that most paranormal investigation teams take a large van or convoy of cars to their investigations. It’s because it takes a lot of equipment, and back up equipment, to conduct a comprehensive investigation. Many choose to use a combination of digital equipment and old-fashioned pen and paper to record the events that transpire, or not. Having both digital recordings and a first-person account allows for you to have stronger otherworldly evidence and makes it easier for you to cross-check the data you collect.

Suggested equipment includes:

• Note pad and pen
• Camcorder and/or Tape Recorder
• Film Camera or High-End Digital Camera
• Compass or Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF)
• Infrared Thermometer
• Plastic Sheeting and Tape
• First Aid Kit

Protect Yourself

Don’t get so excited about your investigation that you forget the basics of protecting yourself. Only go on investigations with a partner or small group of trusted and open-minded individuals. Using the buddy system will ensure that you have help in case of injury and give your results more credibility. Additionally, spirits that mean you harm are less likely to attach to someone in a group.

You should also recognize the darker side of paranormal investigations and conduct periodic cleansing of your home and self afterwards. You don’t want a spirit attaching itself to you after an investigation. This could disrupt your findings, and even go as far as hurting your personal life and mental wellness.

However, research, preparation and having the right equipment will only get you so far in your search for the paranormal. You must keep a skeptical and open mind during the process. Be careful to not hope and wish for an encounter so much that you find evidence when there really isn’t any. Don’t forget to rule out the most likely causes when you capture an occurrence during an investigation. You want your results to be conclusive and credible—even to the skeptics.

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